Kızılay Mineral Water 200 ml (6 Pack)


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The product contains 6 pieces of 200 ml of natural mineral water.

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Kızılay Mineral Water 6X200 Ml

The product contains 6 pieces of 200 ml of natural mineral water.

Kızılay mineral water, the source of which is Afyonkarahisar; contains rich minerals. It is easy to drink. More food, minerals, and fluids are needed than usual to allow the baby in the womb to develop. Regular consumption of mineral water during pregnancy will allow you to take these minerals naturally.

Kızılay Maden Suyu 6X200 Ml

Ürün içeriğinde 6 adet 200 ml. doğal zengin mineralli su bulunmaktadır.

Kaynağı Afyonkarahisar olan Kızılay maden suyu; zengin mineraller içerir. İçimi kolaydır. Anne karnındaki bebeğin gelişmesini sağlamak için normalden daha fazla gıda, mineral ve sıvıya ihtiyaç vardır. Hamilelikte düzenli olarak maden suyu tüketmek bu mineralleri doğal yollardan almanızı sağlayacaktır.

Your body needs some minerals for a healthy life. Kızılay Mineral Water provides you the essential minerals that your body needs. Therefore, it is a very healthy beverage. Kızılay Mineral Water contains many minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and fluoride. Additionally, mineral water lowers blood pressure thanks to the magnesiım that it contains. With the calcium inside it, it helps strengthen your bones. Also, it improves the health of your digestive system. If you consume mineral water regularly, you will be healthier. You can find Kızılay Mineral Water 200 ml (6 Pack) at the Turkish Market.

Kızılay mineral water – Kizilay Soda

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