Tadım Sunflower Seeds Extra Salted (340 gr)


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Sunflower seeds, which are the indispensable of the most enjoyable moments, are now with extra salty. This extra salt adds more flavor to them. You can consume this package anytime and anywhere thanks to its flavor that will make you addictive. Tadım Sunflower Seeds Extra Salted is an ideal option to eat in movie nights or a nice conversation with your friends. Tadım Sunflower Seeds Extra Salted consists of natural sunflower seeds, and it has a practical and safe consumption with its locked package. You can purchase this delicious product from the Turkish Market for an excellent price.

Tadım Sunflower Seeds Extra Salted (340 gr)

Tadım Sunflower seeds are a salty, delicious snack.

Indispensable for conversations, with its addictive taste, it will be with you at home, on the street, at school, in short, everywhere and with all its freshness. Tadım extra salted sunflower seeds is crispy and fresh.

Benefits of Tadım Sunflower Seed

Phosphorus and zinc contained in sunflower seeds are beneficial in the formation of bones and teeth. Being a source of phosphorus, sunflower helps to contract the heart muscle and regulate kidney functions. Zinc is an important substance for healing wounds, preventing acne, strengthening the immune system, eliminating recurrent infections, providing taste and odor acuity and increasing sperm movements, and there is plenty of zinc in sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are useful in low blood sugar and keeping the immune system strong with the vitamin B6 it contains. The vitamin E in sunflower oil regulates heart, vascular, brain and nerve functions, helps wounds heal and protects the body against prostate cancer. Sunflower seeds delay the aging of the skin.

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